Money can buy happiness?

Money can buy happiness?

In this society, nobody can live without money.

It seems everything we need will use money to acquire.

Then, here comes the question, can money buy happiness?

Some people say that money is the source of happiness.

With enough money, people can go to the places they never been, buy the things they ever want.

So, they come to the conclusion that money is everything. It can buy happiness.

And it’s also the resource of happiness. However, in my humble opinion, money can not buy everything, happiness is not all the thing that money can buy. 

       There is no denying that money is useful.

      The chief thing to remember is we must be the owners of money, not to be the slaves of money.

      We must let the money to work for us. If we don’t have the right attitude toward to money, we may be in big trouble.

       Countless people break the laws because of money.

       In this case, you can not live in happiness.

       Just as the old saying goes, money cann’t buy everything, but without money, you can do nothing.

       Only with the proper use, money can bring us happiness. 


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