MXGM National Demands for Ending Police Terrorism

MXGM National Demands for Ending Police Terrorism


MXGM National 要求尊重黑人人权,结束警察暴力

MXGM National Demands for Black Human Rights and Ending Police Terrorism

Posted on Feb 12, 2015 in FeaturedStatements and Positions


MXGM National Demands for Black Human Rights & Ending Police Terrorism


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The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is in full solidarity with the movement of our people against the ongoing and relentless terrorism and violence by Federal, State, and local police and vigilantes in defense of white supremacy. These extra judicial murders of our people that occur at least every 28 hours as outlined in the MXGM report “Operation Ghetto Storm”, are committed against us without regard to gender, class sexuality or age. This requires that the masses of our people, male, female, LGBTQ, elders and youth of every class organize ourselves and refuse to continue to cooperate with this government or to allow this society to have peace until we New Afrikans (Black people) have justice. These are the minimal demands that the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement fights for alongside the masses of our people. If these demands are not met we call on our people to become “ungovernable” through massive displays of civil disobedience, boycotts, shutdowns and disruption of the smooth running of the infrastructure. A people united, determined and resistant cannot be defeated!


  1. We demand an immediate end to the war on drugs which is in fact a war on Black and poor people.


  1. We demand an immediate end to police “stop and frisk”, “jump out”, “racial profiling” and other policies connected to so-called “broken window theory.


  1. We demand the immediate decriminalization of marijuana and the, subsequent targeting, arrests and imprisonment of black youth which is out of proportion to arrests of white youth involved in similar activities.


  1. We demand an immediate demilitarization of police and the elimination of military surplus, drones and various surveillance operations being used on our people. The funds used for these weapons can be redirected to social programs to house, educate and provide healthcare and programs to prevent domestic and intra-community violence for our people.


  1. We demand that police who patrol our communities must be hired from and must live in the community, which they serve as an absolute condition of employment.


6.We demand an end to “no knock” warrant laws and “no name” warrant laws that increase the potential for violent interactions with police.


7.We demand that police and vigilantes who stop, attack or harm Black people who legally carry either openly or concealed weapons be immediately prosecuted, for assault, or murder.


8.We demand recognition of the human right to defend ourselves against unwarranted attacks by police and vigilantes who assault us in our homes, stores and communities.


  1. We demand the establishment of independent, community based boards of reviewwith the power to fire, subpoena, and indict police and other vigilantes who murder our people without just cause.


  1. We demand an end to the “school to prison pipeline” which targets black youth and criminalizes in school activities resulting in arrests, indictments, trials and convictions contributing to the social and economic marginalization of an entire generation.


  1. We demand an end to mass incarceration. End the so-called prison, industrial complex, the privatization of prisons and the insertion of a profit motive into the American justice system which then targets, arrests, prosecutes and imprisons millions of our people for the financial benefit of US corporations in a twenty-first century slave system.


  1. We demand the release of political prisoners and prisoners of war being held in US custody and an end to the pursuit and persecution of political exiles. These are our freedom fighters and members of civil rights, human rights and Black Power era organizations, many who have been held prisoner or exiled for over 30 years.


  1. We call for a truth, justice and reconciliation process such as the processes held in South Africa after apartheid and in Argentina after the fall of the fascist dictatorship to create a healing among our people and between our people and the U.S. State.


  1. We call on a full investigation by the United Nations and other international bodies, of United States violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) as it relates to the treatment of Black and other oppressed people’s inside USA borders.


  1. We urge that the United States be charged with willful genocide against Black people in the United States and that reparations be paid for the destruction and undermining of the cultural, social, economic and political resources of our national community through the war on drugs and militarized police and vigilante violence.



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