To old friends

To old friends


To old friends 致老朋友


To old friends

Hi, dear old friends, how are you doing? October 1 is my 65th birthday. The happy moment reminds me of all you fellows.

I was still a poor guy when we came to know each other. However, you selflessly supported me in fighting against Japanese aggression, construction of homeland as well as development and progress without considering return.

You are doctors who have cured and saved our soldiers like Norman Bethune, Dwarkanath Kotnis, and Lanto Karxeti; you are also brother-like countries like Pakistan who firmly supported China no matter what international situation had changed; you are brother-like countries in Africa who contributed to the new China’s entering the United Nations; you are General Joseph Stilwell who together with Chinese troops and civilians fought against Japanese aggressors; you are the ones who spent your whole lifetime on the construction of new China like Israel Epstein, the Crook couple, Erwin Engst and Joan Hinton; you are the ones who promote the mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world like Peral Buck…

Dear old friends, forgive me for I can’t list all of your names, but we are best friends forever!

Long live our friendship!


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