Airshow China concludes with deals worth $40 bln

Airshow China concludes with deals worth $40 bln

Airshow China concludes with deals worth $40 bln


The 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition -- also known as Airshow China -- has come to an end after six days of flight demonstrations and aerial displays.

700 exhibitors from 40 countries at Airshow China. But catching the public’s attention were flight demonstrations – more specifically, the debut of the China’s new J20 stealth fighter. It’s the country’s first long-range, radar-evading combat aircraft, breaking the US monopoly in stealth fighters.

Aerobatic teams from Russia, Pakistan and UK also amazed some 80-thousand visitors daily.

"The show is impressive. This is my first time at an air show. I’ve never seen so many amazing jets."

The sprawling venue had 11 exhibition areas displaying aerial products and technologies, including civil aircrafts and key military products. Over 70 forums were held as new commercial plans were released and aircrafts made their debut.

And right now, foreign plane makers are seeking a larger slice of the pie in China.

"We’ve been cooperating (with Chinese companies) since long. Of course we’ll continue such cooperation, because we know this is part of the whole game. We’re seeing a lot of projects in China," said Francois Mery, chief operating officer, Airbus China.

According to organizers, deals worth over 40 billion US dollars were made at the exhibition this year -- a 70 percent increase compared with the last session in 2014.



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